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Beyond just a dental cleaning, dental and oral surgery refers to procedures like tooth extractions, mass removals, and fracture repair. These are important procedures that should be done with the assistance of dental radiography if indicated. Dr. Stagnitta has had specific oral and dental surgery training to provide your pet with the most up-to-date surgical techniques and administer the best care possible. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at (828) 369-8080 to schedule an appointment today!

What We Treat

  • Broken Teeth
  • Fractured Jaw
  • Gum Disease
  • Orthodontics and Bite Alignment
  • Mouth Tumors
  • Mouth Pain
  • Inflammation in Mouth
  • Tooth Resorption (Loss of Tooth Structure From Within)
  • Cavities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed inside your pet’s mouth and jaw, by our veterinarians trained to perform oral surgeries. If you searched for a “veterinary oral surgeon near me,” we’ve got you covered! Dr. Stagnitta will inspect your pet’s teeth, gums, and jaw and explain everything thoroughly so that we can come up with the best possible treatment together.

Why Does My Pet Need Oral Surgery?

There are many potential reasons why your pet might need oral surgery. For example, they may need oral surgery to remove growths, repair oral or dental defects, or repair a jaw fracture.

Some oral tumors have no known cause. If oral tumors are detected early, surgical removal may be an option and result in a cure. Jaw fractures from trauma or disease often require oral surgery to return the dog to a pain-free happy life.

Is Oral Surgery Safe for My Dog?

At Franklin Veterinary Hospital, we take a multimodal approach to surgical pain management using pre-medications, local anesthetics, as well as general anesthesia. The combined effects of these drugs allow for the use of less medication while ensuring your pet does not experience any pain or stress during the procedure.

We use the most up-to-date monitoring equipment during the entire duration of your pet’s oral surgery, and through recovery to ensure your pet is in the appropriate plane of anesthesia to control pain and sedation as safely as possible.  Before any procedure, requiring sedation, tests are taken to determine the safest form of anesthetic protocol for your pet and their specific needs.  Our team will closely monitor your pet from start to finish.

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At Franklin Veterinary Hospital, we understand that when your pet needs Oral Surgery, the concept can be intimidating for pet owners. We are here to walk you through every step to ensure that you know your pet is in the most capable and caring hands. Call us today at (828) 369-8080 for more information and options. We want to help you make the decision with all the information possible so it’s less scary.

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