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It is strongly recommended that dogs, even when on heartworm protection, should be tested for heartworms annually. This test is typically run as part of your pet’s regular wellness exam. To schedule your veterinary appointment in Franklin, call us today at (828) 369-8080.

About Heartworms

  • Heartworms are a serious, potentially fatal disease in pets
  • The condition is caused by foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels
  • Heartworms can affect dogs and less commonly, cats
  • Regular heartworm treatment is very effective at preventing this condition

Frequently Asked Questions

What does heartworm testing involve?

Heartworm disease is serious, but early detection greatly increases the chances for a full recovery. There are few, if any, early signs when a dog or cat is infected with heartworms, regular testing is essential. The test requires a small blood sample which allows us to detect the presence of any heartworm proteins.

When should my pet be tested for heartworms?

All dogs should be tested annually for heartworm infection during their routine wellness visit.

Puppies under seven months can be started on heartworm prevention without a heartworm test, but your pet should be tested six months after starting prevention and then tested again six months later (followed by annual testing). Adult dogs over seven months who have not been on a preventive need to be tested before starting heartworm prevention.

How does a dog get heartworm disease?

Dogs become infected with heartworms when they are bitten by an infected mosquito that is carrying immature, infective heartworm larvae. These larvae then pass from the mosquito into the dog and move through the tissues of the body. Eventually, they the bloodstream and migrate to the right ventricle of the heart. Dogs can only get heartworms from an infected mosquito. There is no spread from dog to dog, dog to cat, or dog to human.

How do I prevent heartworms?

Annual testing and preventive medication are strongly recommended to keep your dog free from heartworms. Several effective preventive products are available to prevent heartworms in dogs. We can recommend which will work best for your pet.

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