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Pet teeth cleanings are important procedures for preventive dental care. It’s important to have someone who is trained and experienced in this procedure care for your pet’s dental needs. To learn more, call us at (828) 369-8080 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s teeth cleaning today!

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  • Removal of Visible Plaque and Tartar From the Teeth
  • Elimination of Plaque and Tartar From Under the Gum
  • Probing of Dental Sockets to Assess Dental Disease
  • Polishing to Smooth Enamel Scratches That May Attract Bacteria
  • Removal of Mobile Teeth
  • Polish and Fluoride Treatment After Dental Scaling
  • Inspection of the Lips, Tongue, and Entire Mouth for Growths, Wounds, or Other Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pet Dental Cleaning?

During your dog or cat's dental cleaning, plaque and tartar are removed from a pet’s teeth, and the health of the entire mouth is assessed. From the tongue, gums, lips, and teeth, nothing is overlooked. A thorough and comfortable veterinary dental cleaning can only be conducted on your pet only while they are under general anesthesia.

Anesthesia keeps your pet free of pain during the procedure while allowing us to fully inspect the teeth and remove tartar from under the gums. During anesthesia, a soft plastic tube is inserted into the main airway in the throat to support the patient’s breathing. This is a common occurrence when placing an animal under anesthesia. The placement of the tracheal tube also prevents inhalation of bacteria that are aerosolized during the dental cleaning.

How Do I Know If My Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning?

Regularly checking your pet’s mouth is a start. Tartar may appear as a brownish-gold buildup on the teeth, close to the gumline. Like humans, redness or bleeding along the gumline may indicate gingivitis. Either of these signs would be indicative that your pet may need a dental cleaning.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Cleaning?

A professional dog or cat dental cleaning has numerous benefits. It will remove the visible plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces. Additionally, it will also remove bacteria that can be found under the gums. This results in eliminating potential sources of infection to the mouth as well as other organs. Dental cleanings also reduce the likelihood of pain and tooth loss for your pet.

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