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With years of experience, caring for pets, Dr. Stagnitta has the experience needed to perform your pet’s tooth extraction. Teeth extractions are an important procedure. At Franklin Veterinary Hospital, you can be confident that your pet is in the best hands. To learn more, call us today at (828) 369-8080 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s tooth extraction today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tooth Extraction an Important and Beneficial Dental Procedure When Performed Correctly?

Veterinary tooth extractions are a common dental procedure that can be performed in most practices across the country. In Franklin, Dr. Stagnitta is experienced in this procedure. 

Dr. Stagnitta may conduct a dog or cat tooth extraction when tooth resorption is present, there is an unsalvageable tooth fracture, or in cases of severe periodontal disease. It is important to note that each patient is unique. We will do our best to determine a treatment plan during your initial visit for your pet.

What Do Tooth Extractions Involve?

Each tooth extraction is unique depending on the progression of the disease and the condition of the tooth. Before any extraction starts, we administer a nerve block that lasts between six and eight hours. This is administered to your pet to help reduce overall pain and discomfort.

Commonly, incisions are made in the adjacent gum tissue to create an opening for us to have access to the tooth. Bone will need to be removed that overlaps each root of the tooth. Once the bone is removed, the tooth is sectioned so that each root is independent of the other. The roots are then extracted separately. The empty space is then flushed to remove any debris. Finally, we close the area with absorbable sutures.

In some cases, we are able to extract the tooth without having to make the adjacent incisions mentioned above. In these cases, we remove each root individually, close the area where the tooth was and apply absorbable sutures.

Unlike people, dogs and cats recover quickly from this procedure. There may be minor oral discomfort with temporary bleeding, but most tooth extractions are completed without complications, and your pet will quickly be feeling great.

Will My Pet Feel Pain?

To reduce your pet's discomfort, we can use both local and general anesthesia. These are the same medications that are used for humans! We also administer anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling & inflammation after the surgery as long as your pet is able to receive these medications.

Can My Pet Eat After Surgery?

Yes! Due to the excellent results seen from pain medications, most pets recover with minimal discomfort and are back to themselves rapidly. Typically, pets will either eat the same day of the procedure or the following day. We recommend feeding your pet soft food until healing is complete. Our office will require a follow-up visit to ensure the healing process is on track.

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