Why you should take your pet in for a preventive pet care exam in Franklin, NC

Taking your pet to a preventive pet care examination is very important for the health, longevity, and happiness of your pet. It's only a routine medical examination, that focuses on the maintenance of optimal health of your pet. Your pet will receive a full preventative care exam because we know how important it is to catch any potential issues as early as possible. Those exams can be vital to extending your pet’s time by your side.

How often does my pet need a preventive pet care exam?

Knowing how often your pet might need a preventive et car exam should depend on what kind of pet you have, your pet’s breed, medical history, age, and lifestyle. You can discuss this with your veterinarian at Franklin Veterinary Hospital, with their help you can figure out when it’s the best time to schedule a routine exam

Some of the most common times to take your pet is every 6 months to once per year, it would be much easier to detect any changes that come with aging. It’s also recommended that during the early days of a pet, the wellness exams should be done on a monthly basis, while for the adult pet annual wellness examinations are the most common, and for seniors, semi-annual examinations are the best.

What happens on a Preventive Pet Care exam?

A Preventive Pet Care exam is a thorough physical examination done by your veterinarian, where they will perform a complete head-to-tail exam. Including an eye exam, full-body examination, checks for signs of pain, tenderness, enlarged organs or tumors, heart & lung tests, blood work, urinalysis, and ear & mouth checkups.

Prevention is key when it comes to your pet’s health, and making sure that your furry friend is up to date on their health, is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

You might don’t notice any changes or subtle details your pet may be suffering but a thorough routine wellness exam will prevent an illness from advancing and being too late. Some of these diseases can be ear infections, tumors, cataracts, dental disease, and many more.

Early detection can extend your pet’s life, giving you many more years of quality time together, to ensure your furry friend is in top physical condition scheduling a Preventive Pet Care Exam is the right choice!

Just like with our own health, it is always best to take preventative measures and help your pet live a healthy and happy life. If you’ve noticed any abnormalities or other signs of concern about your pet, like behavior, eating habits, and physical appearance, we recommend talking to your trusted veterinarian at Franklin Veterinary Hospital to consider doing a preventive pet care exam.

At Franklin Veterinary Hospital, our veterinary staff is here to ensure that your dog or cat is able to enjoy a long and healthy life as your companion. Call us today to make a Preventive Pet Care exam appointment with one of our veterinarians.