Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears in Franklin, NC

Is it necessary to clean your dog's ears on a frequent basis? This is a question that dog owners frequently ask vets in Franklin, NC, and the answer is "yes!" Ear cleaning is a crucial component of dog grooming that should not be overlooked since keeping your dog's ears clean and dry is essential to keeping them healthy and happy. Some dogs' ears are inherently clean and healthy, and they rarely need to be cleaned. Other dogs require regular cleaning to prevent filth buildup, which can lead to illnesses.

It's critical to examine your dog's ears on a regular basis to spot any problems before they become serious. Outgoing dogs normally like having their ears caressed, but if your dog ever pushes away from your contact, it is possible that their ears are in discomfort. If you see your dog pawing at its ear or shaking its head, this might also be an indication of a problem.

There are dogs, particularly those with short ears and little hair, that may only need their ears washed out once in a while when they become filthy. Floppy-eared dogs and those with a lot of hair around the ears should have a more thorough examination and cleaning every other week at the very least.

Dogs' ears are delicate, and when wax and oils accumulate within the ear, they might become more prone to infections. Excess wetness or allergies, for example, might increase the risk of infection. Your dog may not love having his ears cleaned, but you must do it for the following reasons:


  • Weeds must be removed.
  • Keep infections at bay.
  • Maintain your dog's comfort.
  • Remove any moisture.


Debris stuck deep within the horizontal canal of the dog's ear canal is difficult to discharge without the help of cleanings due to the nature of the ear canal. If not removed, this substance can cause itching and ear infections.

The following are symptoms of an ear infection in your dog:


  • A foul odor around or inside the ear
  • Excessive ear discharge
  • The ear canal is swollen or inflamed.
  • Ear pawing or scratching in excess


If you detect any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian at Franklin Veterinary Hospital in Franklin, NC as soon as possible to schedule an evaluation and ear cleaning.

But you must remember that while it is important to clean your dog's ears as needed, excessive washing can create ear canal irritation, which can lead to infection. Your veterinarian at Franklin Veterinary Hospital can advise you on how often you should clean your dog's ears. Consult your veterinarian before cleaning your dog's ears if they are red, inflamed, or painful. It's possible that your dog has an ear infection or a burst eardrum.

Contact Franklin Veterinary Hospital for further information on cleaning your dog's ears or if you see any indications of ear infection. Make an appointment with our team now!